It was an awesome accomplishment.

I arrived too late and missed the train.

That's what I don't understand.


We had what Rhonda wanted.

She gets good marks in English.

I hope you'll like it.


How far is it from here?


You must bind yourself to keep the promise.

I hurried to the station only to find that the train had already left.

Howard spoke the truth.

What might happen?

I'm the only one here right now.

He went there ten years ago.

I waited for ten minutes.

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As for the theoretical side, Peterson's claim is pertinent to our discussion.

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Sedovic boiled the potatoes.

Might I come in?

He has a serious girlfriend.

I'm glad that you have a boyfriend.

There's a man with a gun in his hand standing at the door.

You'll be safe at home.

He was never to come back to his hometown.

I couldn't get back to sleep.

She was the last woman that I expected to see at the party.

It was Dominic that told me this story.

I got a call from Catherine today.

Life always looks better to an optimist.

Brandy doesn't seem to have any self-confidence.

Don't you think that Ronald Mcdonald is a bit creepy?

I'm from North Africa.

I'm starting to get hungry.

She thinks the world of him.


I want to send this letter to Japan.

The wind blew in gusts.

This website is full of shady advertisements and clickbait!

That's what I wanted.

I felt dizzy when I got up.

Is Amy confident?

Robin told me that he was sorry that he had said such awful things to me.

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You loved Moore, didn't you?

Mickey was last on the list.

Dan didn't even get a chance to say 'goodbye.'

Please don't let me die.

They're making something or other here.

Oh! you are a great deal too apt, you know, to like people in general.

Charleen hasn't been so lucky.

I suggest you ask Curtis that question.

What's important is work.

You may go home early today if you like.

He knows how to swim like a fish.

What do you like about her?

I saw Dewey before he saw me.

Aimee decided that it would be fun to go camping with John and Rex.

Dan was ready to commit suicide.

I thought you were in Boston with Kory.

Can you eat these?

The book is of great value.

Different jobs require different tools.

What is on your mind, Dorian?

They are big.

If you want to come with us, you're welcome.

I told them to make the deal.

Do it in haste but with care.

The earthquake brought about disaster.


Lievaart filled the wheelbarrow with sand.


Before you criticize a man, you should always walk a mile in his shoes.

Don't use this until tomorrow.

His heart filled with sorrow.

She got 80 marks for English.

Please take me with you.


I appreciate that you're telling me the truth.

Jan has told me all about you.

I was wondering when you'd get here.

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I am learning Arabic.

Some deaf people choose not to use sign language.

If I were in your place, I would buy it.

You bet I was surprised.

Call me when you get there, so I know you're safe.

Do you want us to take you back to your house?

I don't think Marion is Canadian.


Through his own efforts and a bit of luck, he won first prize in the contest.

Keep Barbra there.

Hirofumi thought that Rolf wouldn't forgive him.


Betsy died three weeks after that.

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There's no secret plan.

He wasn't tall enough to get at the ceiling.

We were in London last week.


Buying a house has stopped being a good investment.

You'd better get on with it.

You're not done yet.

That is quite absurd.

I can tell you're tired.

Don't stand by me.

The photos are taken by a pro, so they'll turn out well.

This year's fashions are quite different from those of last year.

He has little experience in teaching.

Many students like sports.

We're not proud of it.


There's only one week till Easter Sunday.

He took offense at what I said and turned on his heels.

Dan was an expert at psychological warfare.


Tracey was sitting alone at the bar.

Yesterday I hung out with Tony.

Ufa was built on the orders of Ivan IV (more commonly known as Ivan the Terrible) in 1547.

Jim went fishing from the pier.

Friends are our link with a bigger world.

Alf pulled out his phone.

Dwayne has an automatic card shuffler.

Written for children, this book is easy to read.

The director cast me as the devil.


I can play Chopin.

It concerns all the people living there.

Like my new shirt?

Don't you care what your parents think?

Early the next morning, the circus left for the next town.

Gregg was wrong.

It takes approximately 4.6 Earth years for Ceres to make one revolution around the Sun.

When do we get started?

The following people were put to the test.

I lifted my daughter up so she could put the star on top of the Christmas tree.

He has a store on the main road.

Everyone more or less likes showing off in public.

Everybody has some faults.

My teachers like me.

I've got a great idea.


When do you want to meet him?


The ship arrived at the port on schedule.

The birthstone of April is diamond.

This isn't my umbrella. It belongs to someone else.

Monty's facial features and mannerisms are very much like those of his father.

Where did you leave them?

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All things considered, I think you should go back home and support your old parents.

No matter how often I put on my thinking cap, I am afraid my unpreparedness will dominate.

I don't really like him.

Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Few people live to be a hundred.


Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understand that message?


There's somebody coming up the stairs.

Angus has been very patient.

We ran into them at the bus terminal.


He hopes to exhibit his paintings in Japan.

Stop being a baby.

Does this sentence sound like something a native speaker would say?


I called him a fat pig.


You deserve to know the truth.


Summer grasses, all that remain of warriors' dreams.

I study after I watch television.

We are bleating like sheep.

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She was beside herself with joy at the news.


My dog won't bite you, unless you ask for it.

But then, full of guilt, I sat down at my desk one evening.

That should not have happened.

My grandmother is still very active at eighty-five.

Although the two rival British generals were quarrelsome and foolish, the ordinary soldiers acquitted themselves bravely, even as they rode to their deaths.

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I do want to see you.

The man the police arrested has now been released.

I'd rather be poor than rich.

Mr. Mailer is scheduled to stay here until tomorrow.

Until next week.

Knudsen declined to do an interview.

I think we'd better talk to Tanaka.


We must pay regard to other cultures like ours.

Well, maybe I can help.

She makes a good living.

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Rajiv couldn't have done what he did without some help.

This wrist watch needs repairing.

Hey! Nobody is translating my sentences!